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Ms. May serves as the lead of the Off-Site Assignment Board and as the Deputy Z Program Manager. She started at LLNL in 1998 as a computer scientist and joined the Information Operations and Analytics Program in 2001 to work on cybersecurity research and development. She has contributed to both software development projects and analytic products for multiple sponsors and led the Network Exploitation Program for several years as the Associate Program Leader. Debbie has also worked in the High Performance Computing Innovation Center (HPCIC) in the Livermore Valley Open Campus, forming strategic HPC-centric partnerships between LLNL and the private sector.

In October of 2017, Debbie was appointed to lead LLNL’s Off-Site Assignments Board (OAB) for the Office of Defense Coordination (ODC). The OAB ensures that an Institutional approach is taken for all LLNL change-of-station assignments. The OAB assists directorate senior managers in identifying strategic assignments; assessing the qualifications of identified candidates; identifying support needed for employee while offsite; planning for reintegration of employees when they return from offsite assignments; and making overall recommendations about offsite assignments and the offsite assignment process for consideration by the Director and the Senior Management Team. As the lead for the OAB, Debbie’s focus is to enhance the impact of these assignments for both partner organizations and employees by managing strategic staff deployment and the transition process for outgoing and returning employees.

Research Interests

Areas of research interests include a broad range of high-performance computing applications, data science and analytics, and additive manufacturing applications. Professional interests include developing innovative business models for engaging new partners and customers, lean processes and practices, and mentoring newer project leaders.

Debbie has a M.S. in Computer Science, University of California, Davis (2005), and a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Texas (1998).