Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

May 17, 2018

Chris will describe his recent experience as the Technical Director of the Joint Munitions Program in Office of the Secretary of Defense and his current position as the LLNL Technical Liaison to the Missile Defense Agency. He will share his perception of LLNL and DOE through the eyes of the warfighter. Chris’ perspective is derived from 28 years on military active duty. For those working with, supporting, or considering working with the DoD, his insight will help you prepare for interactions with our Nation’s military.

During his 28 years in the A rmy, Chris’ assignments included: the Chief Technology Officer for the Army’s command responsible for training, education, and future force development; a design physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a Physics Professor at United States Military Academy, Senior Mentor at National Military Academy of Afghanistan, and Nuclear Weapons Effects Analyst at US Strategic Command.