Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

May 23, 2018

The B-52 Stratofortress, affectionately nicknamed “The BUFF” for the Big Ugly Fat Fellow, has been the backbone of the United States’ bomber force for the last 60+ years. The B-52 was initially developed to strike targets deep inside the former Soviet Union as a key component of Strategic Air Command’s nuclear arsenal. Since its development, the B-52 remains one of the most versatile and widely used combat platforms in history. The creation of Air Force Global Strike Command in 2009, as part of the reinvigoration of the nuclear enterprise, has ensured these bombers remain a critical component of America’s national security strategy.

Recent and ongoing upgrades have enhanced the B-52’s capability to execute the nuclear and conventional mission

Major Chris “Fridge” Coleman and Major Andrew “Mayhem” Paulsen, Air Force Fellows from Air Force Global Strike Command, offer a rare inside view of the strategic importance of the B-52 and its role in nuclear deterrence and conventional operations.